‘Nutrition and immune health are inextricably linked’

If there’s one thing that probably *nay definitely* hasn’t been talked about in the media as much as it probably should have been in recent years… it’s NUTRITION!

Nutrition and immune health are inextricably linked, and yet the proportion of column inches dedicated to this topic since the start of the pandemic, is a sore reflection of this reality.

For overall health and wellness, there’s much to be said for NOT relying on food alone, to meet the body’s demands for nutritional building blocks - including those involved in immune system functioning.

For this reason especially, we were grateful for the opportunity that our recent brand collaboration with Vitl provided, to fly the flag for supplementation, in the bigger picture of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Supplementation is of course never a substitute for a healthy diet, nor a panacea. However, in this age of ‘immunity gaps’, and needing to claw back our defences from the jaws of inexposure, it’s an area that deserves much more credit than the vitamin D-heavy journalism of late, might otherwise suggest!

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