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‘Saying it aloud, makes it so!’


I remember reading somewhere, not so long ago, that if you want to bring a goal or ambition to life, you need to talk about it often… and in the present tense.

You have to drop it into conversation, not with a caveat of ‘maybe one day,’ but with an implication of real-time!

For example…

‘I am publishing a book!’

‘I AM publishing a book‘

‘I AM…’

It’s a simple practice which helps make flesh of something abstract. Apparently, it can also set the wheels of ‘make it happen’ in motion, by way of a myriad of complex mindset mechanisms.

With this in mind, today’s post has a bit of an ulterior motive.

Of course, it’s about keeping the old blog up to date, but equally, there’s a part of me that’s banking on this post working some secondary kind of magic, whether via the power of accountability, networking… or both.

With this in mind, if there are any publishers, literary agents or self-publishing experts with any pearls of wisdom to offer on this topic, I’d be most grateful for the insight!

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