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Travel Blogging: why is having a niche so important?

Travel Blogging is one branch of ‘Lifestyle Writing’ where having a niche isn’t just helpful… but essential.

With the talent pool overflowing with willing and able copywriters, all eager to mix the business of words, with the pleasure of jet-setting, it takes a special USP to not get lost in the shuffle!

Specialities in this sector…they come in many forms.

There’s the ‘adventure’ angle, of course, and also the solo, family and ‘budget’ stances, to name but a few!

Out of all of these, the ‘health’ angle is the one that many hotel and resort brands are quickly realising the importance of, as holiday priorities shift deeper into the realms of self-care.

Luckily, I’ve developed a bit of a knack for weaving a wellness stance into almost any aspect of the ‘holiday’ tapestry.

This, I’ve found, speaks in particular to those hotel brands looking for a more cerebral approach to influencer marketing.

To a certain extent, having this niche has helped to avoid at least some of the small-fish-big pond pitfalls that plague the travel blogging terrains.

As well, it’s created a paradox where being an older-than-the-average Creator, has transpired to be a distinct advantage.

After all, with advancing age comes a certain resonance, if you will, with the key demographic that luxury hotel brands, in particular, are striving to connect with via social and digital marketing.

When you look at it like this, approaching ‘influencer marketing’ from a place of twenty-something hedonism, seems somewhat shortsighted!

By contrast, there’s something subtly quite powerful about the Wordsmith’s Wanderlust. Most notably, about its unique ability to help us quantify the expense of travel in more convincing terms than escapism, bucket lists the confines of annual leave!

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