Wine? In a Health Magazine?

Last week, we teamed up with Treasury Wine Estates for a light-hearted lifestyle feature on the ever-enduring Frosé trend, which has been shaping the face of sundowners, since 2016!

There’s always a bit of a question mark, when it comes to how the topic of alcohol sits in the ‘health’ framework that our blog - Health Magazine - is firmly built upon.

As always, however, our stance is rooted in those principles of balance, variety and moderation, which in turn allows some all-important scope for touching on *what we think* are some fairly important sub-influences to wellbeing.

Take, for example, the environmental impact of ‘wine miles’, and the use of animal-derived fining agents in wine production, both of which contravene the ethics of a growing body of the population.

Just because ‘wine’ per se doesn’t sit well in the conventional ‘health’ narrative, doesn’t mean it can’t hold a key to more informed and positive lifestyle choices…often with far-reaching advantages for wellness.

To this end, we were keen to talk about how Treasury Wine Estates new Coastal Reserve Wines have partnered with not-for-profit organisation Plastic Oceans Europe, to focus on raising awareness around their decision to use light-weight, plastic-free bottles, to help minimise shipping miles and emissions.

For more details on their work, and to read the full article, click here.

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