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Travel Writers….What’s your niche?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

It’s the question that collaboration conversations tend to lead from most, and especially in the ‘travel’ sphere, where having a ‘speciality’ counts for almost as much as writing ability.

My niche, if I had to pinpoint one… is health.

This ability to weave a wellness stance into almost any aspect of the ‘holiday’ tapestry - it's what speaks, in particular, to hotel brands looking for a more cerebral approach to influencer marketing.

One of these brands, was the Zafiro group of hotels, for whom I produced a ten-blog series last year, focused on the resort's unique opportunities for a positive, healthy lifestyle experience.

Besides having a *very' topical niche to my Freelance Blogger armoury, I find it also helps, in some regards, being an older-than-the-average Creator - contrary to what the #travelblogger aesthetic suggests.

After all, with advancing age comes a certain resonance with what is (in most cases) the main demographic of holiday-maker/traveller that hotel brands are trying to reach through their influencer marketing.

When you look at it like this, approaching influencer marketing from a place of twenty-something hedonism, seems somewhat shortsighted…even if it the superficial heart-shaped stats do happen to tell a different story!

By contrast, the Wordsmith's Wonderlust hits different.

Using an intellectual hook, it quantifies travel and the hotel experience in a language of values and priorities - something that is so often the missing piece in the social media marketing puzzle.

From my perspective, having these unique strings to my writing bow has helped with one all-important thing..

That is, to avoid the small-fish-big-pond pitfalls that tend to plague the travel blogging terrains, and where the currency of youth and follower counts might well be king, but quality and conviction... is Queen.

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