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Summer, stress…and snacks!

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

It there’s one thing the summer holidays have brought into sharper focus, it’s that parenting - it comes with a very-real nutritional cost, the expense of which is almost as hard to quantify… as it is to avoid.

It’s a bit of a #mumlife cliché, but the trap of lapping up leftovers, for example, and settling for mere crumbs of nutrition whilst catering for a child’s every meal and snack whim…. it’s an easy one to fall into!

This pesky pothole in the self-care road, is one that I’m very consciously trying to claw my way out of….hence the timing of this collaboration with healthy snack brand Fodbods couldn’t have been better!

The face of wholesome, on-the-go refuelling, Aussie brand Fodbods are currently (and rather excitingly) making their first foray into the UK snack market.

I have to say, it was great to play a small part in this venture across the pond, and also to provide a little reminder to fellow running-on-empty mums… that the solution to the sustenance shortfalls of summer, can be much tastier than those left-over, half-chewed carrot crudités from the kid’s dinner!!

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