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Salad Month… Let’s Go!

Updated: May 10, 2023

This week marked the start of National Salad Month - always a big event in the editorial calendar of a food blogger!

To kick-start the celebrations, I teamed up with California Walnuts UK, to deliver the first in a series of Spring-themed salad recipes, all designed to showcase the versatility, nutritional benefits and all-round deliciousness of the humble walnut!

I have to admit… it’s a bit of an oldie, but who can argue, that the classic Waldorf is an enduring ‘goodie’ - especially in the realms of salads-which-satisfy (for we all know the #saladgram needs more of those!)

Not only this, the recipe gets extra props for just how far its just-add-mayo undertones go, in helping that now-outdated ‘rabbit food’ stereotype…turn over a new leaf!

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