Food and happiness are inextricably linked, so it seemed fitting that #nationalravioliday should happen to overlap with #internationaldayofhappiness.

As a nod to both occasions, today’s brand collaboration with Bleiker's Smokehouse was a perfect reminder of the mood-booster that is cooking from scratch… and carbs!

The first in our Spring recipe series, this collaboration represented a welcome move away from the ‘winter warmers’, and into the ‘light meal’ territory that the slightly warmer days of late, are certainly creating an appetite for.

Typically, our recipe features always try to take on a seasonal slant, and we felt that Bleiker's Smokehouse Ltd. product range allowed us to hit this ‘fresh and healthy’ note perfectly, whilst also lending well to the ravioli-shaped brief!

The creative process, which involved attending a live pasta-making demonstration at Maidenhead’s finest fresh pasta purveyor, felt in some way, like a slight nudge in the direction of normality and - with any luck - a taste of the content creation experience to come.

#nationalravioliday #brandedcontent #socialmediamarketing

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