Content Creator… or Copywriter?

The ‘what do you do for work?’ question is one of life’s great ice-breakers. However, for anyone caught in that grey area between professional copywriting…and ‘doing social media’, those six small words can be confidence kryptonite!

After all, how do you effectively reconcile being invested in the brain-intensive skill of writing, with an affinity for the one-tap world of Instagram?

The answer is… with difficulty!

At best, we risk falling into the ‘not another influencer’ sinkhole, and at worst, we end up shrinking our own skillset with the very tools it’s made up of - WORDS.

‘I’m an Instagram blogger’

‘I blog for Instagram’

You’ve got to agree, neither scream ‘I’m a serious writer and demand to be taken seriously,’ do they?

Admittedly, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time, wondering just why this is the case.

What I’ve deduced, is that there’s a certain preconception, that serious copywriting and ‘social media’ never the twain shall meet!

In fact, it couldn’t be further from the case.

For anybody ‘doing social media’ that doesn’t have the advantage of a celebrity-shaped follower count, ‘serious copywriting’ is all-important, and not least for closing the gap in perceived value, between your offering, and that of a low substance/high-like influencer competitor.

Words speak… even on image-mediated platforms like Instagram!

To all the Copywriters, slash influencers, therefore, who are forever re-working their stock answer to that ‘where do you work? question… don’t sell yourself short!

Hashtags or no hashtags, you’re a Master Dictionary-Devouring Copywriter, who also just so happens to be a dab hand on the ‘gram!!

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