‘Cheese offers infinite scope for culinary creativity’

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many cheese brands over the years, and this latest collaboration with YAMAS! Halloumi has only reinforced what we’ve long since come to the conclusion of.

That is… that cheese is as much of a delight to work with, as it is to eat!

Endlessly versatile, cheese offers infinite scope for culinary creativity, and the last five partnerships with YAMAS!, Primula, Lye Cross Farm, A Taste of Sol and Dodoni are proof if ever you need it, that ‘foodspiration‘ and fermented milk are inextricably linked.

Today, the excuse behind our ’Recipe of the Day’ was Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (yes, it’s really a thing!) but with no shortage of similarly-themed observations on the horizon, the ‘Halloumi Toastie’ is potentially just a taste of many more shamelessly cheesy posts to come!

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