A little Monday moan…

So today I had my ‘property writer’ hat back on, it true (new) Monday fashion!

The brief, of course, was Easter-oriented, but when researching the subject of ‘reasons to sell your home at Easter’, I noticed something a little…odd, for want of a better word!

Listed on that all-important first page of Google, there were lots of articles by different agents, but ALL with the same heading, and the same copy to boot!


The only difference was, the company name had been changed as appropriate on all the closing calls to action, and on all the ‘such-and-such-says…….’ quotes that interspersed the main body of the article.

So my question is - out of pure curiosity- is there a ‘stock editorial’ portal, where articles can be outsourced to the highest bidder?

As an originality-all-the-way kind of copywriter, the very idea of this is toe-curling, and surely counterintuitive to the very purpose of a blog - that is, to showcase originality!

Incidentally, whilst I eagerly await insight on this question, here’s a little (original) piece I wrote on the topic!

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