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44 Newsletters Later

Last year, I wrote…

53 Linkedin posts

44 newsletters

191 health blogs

35 property blogs

17 travel blogs

and made 162 reels!

Why does this matter, I hear you ask!?

Well, I’m inclined to think the bigger picture stats give a much truer representation of the year’s ‘success’, than the image of idling that is so often painted by my whispy, modest recollective powers.

As a testament to the cumulative clout of small actions, repeated often…the stats matter!

Not just as way of cultivating ‘can do’ - something that is possibly THE ultimate #backtowork spring-board, but also, and just as importantly, as a way for bloggers like myself to wind those all-important ‘reasons-to-work-with-me’ up their social media flagpoles!

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