About us
Lifestyle Magazines is owned and managed by dedicated publishing professionals whose aim is to create high quality magazines that reflect and capture the interest of specific target audiences.
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Our services
  1. Design and publishing
  2. Digital publishing
  3. Editorial and advertising
  4. Print management
Bespoke magazines
Print is the most popular publishing format for customer magazines, and such publications have a very high perceived value and long shelf life, making them an ideal marketing tool.
Lifestyle Magazines provide a full publication service for companies wishing to have their own customer magazine. From concept to print, we ensure continuity between a publication and its brand and marketing strategy. With print and digital options available, our titles are an invaluable way for companies to reach a captive audience and engage with their customers.
Our main speciality is bespoke property publications, based on our work with several leading estate agents to create lasting and high-impact brand titles. We also create bespoke publications for gyms and health clubs.
Digital Magazines
Digital magazines can be read on screen and delivered through web links and email. They are now an established part of the publishing landscape and offer many of the benefits of traditional print magazines, but at a lower cost than print publications. Desktop, mobile and tablet devices also represent an additional and effective way for companies to increase the impact of their customer magazine experience.
Lifestyle Magazines Limited   Tel: 07834 233346     Email: info@lifestyle-magazines.co.uk
Lifestyle Magazines is an independent publishing house specialising in the production of printed and digital magazines. Our titles offer high quality editorial content and stylish, modern designs that are relevant to their target readerships. Our expertise lie in creating bespoke magazines for businesses and brands looking to connect with their customers through inspirational and intelligent editorial content. Our titles span a variety of lifestyle categories, including homes, property, health, wellbeing and weddings.